JGA Golf Support Site is the website of Japan Golf Association’s Golf Development Department. The purpose of this site is to collect and disseminate both domestic and international information on golf development to revitalize the sport in Japan.




また、世界は今、SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals:持続可能な開発目標)を掲げ、持続可能でよりよい社会の実現を地球規模で目指しています。地球のより良い環境を長く維持するための目標の1つに、二酸化炭素の濃度の上昇を抑えることで地球温暖化の進行を抑えようとする動きがあります。多くの樹木を持ち広大な芝を継続的に育成するゴルフ場は、膨大な量の炭素を循環させ、大気中の二酸化炭素濃度の上昇を抑える上で大きく貢献する場として期待されています。


Contributing to society through golf

Golf is a sport that not only nurtures the social skills and character of those who enjoy playing, but also contributes to solving social issues.

Japan became a super-aged society in 2010 (i.e. 21% of the population aged 65 or over), and that percentage has since further increased to 28% as of 2020. In recent years, the rapid aging of Japan’s population has become a major economic and social issue, since most elderly people suffer from lifestyle-related diseases and one in four of them has dementia or mild cognitive impairment. The most important measure is to promote the extension of healthy life expectancy, and in particular a sport such as golf, which can be enjoyed for a long time, is greatly expected to extend the healthy life expectancy of many people.

The world is now striving to achieve a sustainable and better society on a global scale under the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) initiative. One of the goals for maintaining a better environment for a longer period of time is to prevent the progression of global warming by limiting the increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide. Golf courses, which have many trees and continuously cultivate vast areas of turf, are expected to recycle vast amounts of carbon dioxide and make a significant contribution to preventing the elevating concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

In addition, countermeasures against natural disasters such as major earthquakes and increasingly powerful typhoons have become a major social issue for local communities in recent years. As well as making contributions to local economies and communities through employment, golf courses can also be used to provide shelter, lodging, and bathing facilities in the event of natural disasters of an increasingly large scale. Further cooperation with local governments is expected to contribute to local disaster preparedness in the future.



JGA’s initiatives on Golf Development

In addition to the promotion of elite competitive golf, since 2021 JGA has been engaged in the promotion of golf for regular amateur golfers, who account for 99% of Japan’s golf population, as well as for those who have never previously had contact with the sport. The Golf Development Department was established to promote specific initiatives to increase the number of golfers through the three themes: “supporting people to participate in golf”, “encouraging diverse golfers”, and “improvement of the golf environment”.



Collaboration with golf-related bodies, Japan Sports Agency and other organizations

In addition to close cooperation with the 8 Japan regional golf federations, 5 golf-related organizations, Japan Sports Agency, and universities/research institutes, the Golf Development Department will increase contacts with local governments and other organizations and steadily promote specific collaborative efforts.




Projects to be addressed

The Golf Development Department will start its activities focusing on 3 key projects as below and will continually examine the issues that need to be addressed in the future.



・Information Sharing Unit

Collect and disseminate information on golf development in Japan and overseas
Collect and disseminate the results of various surveys related to golf development
Plan events related to golf development


ゴルフによる健康増進のためのゴルフスクール『JGA WAGスクール』の普及活動

・Golf and Health Unit

Consolidate and disseminate information on Golf and Health
Promote “JGA WAG School,” a golf school for improving health through golf
Conduct domestic surveys regarding Golf and Health


全女性ゴルファーのためのイベント『Women’s Golf Day』の普及活動

・Women in Golf Unit

Forming a community where all women golfers, including beginners, can gather
Creating opportunities for women to start playing golf
Promoting “Women’s Golf Day”, an annual event for all women golfers.

Initiatives to promote golf
Chairman Masanari Iketani
Vice Chairman Kazuhiro Tsuga
Golf Development Department Chairman Andy Hiro Yamanaka(JGA Executive Director)

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